Rock Steady Boxing Affiliate Experiences with Coaching

“I was at a point after a year of being open where I was losing money every month and wanted to quit. I actually called John to help me transition out, even though I loved the program. I just was not getting/finding the boxers. So I am quite surprised at the result. His program was not what I expected. It was so much more than a business coaching experience. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life actually. My whole life is better since we started talking.

He listened intently and he got it. He understood, partly because he has the RSB background, but also because he is John. He is very genuine, open, honest, generous, and truly wants to see you succeed. He tailors it to your individual needs. Others I spoke to with business backgrounds were not helpful, as RSB is not a typical business. But before we fully tackled the business issues, he had me delve into my motivation and helped me get more focused, calm, and more confident in general. Because of John’s guidance, he helped me identify blocks to reaching my goals.

I have now had many successes and my class size has doubled. I am much happier. I never would have thought that a guy just a few years older than my kids would be able to influence and coach me to achieve as much as I have now, at this stage in my life. I have felt that I have been pretty successful in my career as a physical therapist, but always in a limited way. Now I have systems in place that are helping me become successful.”

— Barbara, RSB Hillsborough

“There is a lot of learning jammed into the 2-day training camp and one area I think needs to be embellished is the real-life business aspect.
The key challenges and how they will impact the business and personal aspects are the big mystery. I was looking for ideas on how to grow the business and John provided insight that resonated very early into the journey.
I know it would have taken me longer to get there on my own.
I would definitely recommend his consulting services to any of the Rock Steady Affiliates as I believe it could accelerate the learning curve of trial and error, delivered by someone who has successfully lived the experience.”

— Ginny, RSB South Brunswick

“I was so apprehensive to commit to a start date. John was instrumental in helping me commit, as well as, overcome some of the anxiety I was experiencing in getting started. Along the way, I’ve been able to email him my thoughts and questions as they have arisen. He’s always been a great source for me to rely on for help and advice.”

— Michelle, RSB Mid Island