Coach John helped me become more motivated, focused and organized in building my RSB program. He gave me easy to use tools and processes that I am finding extremely helpful in the everyday operation of my program. His guidance has been invaluable!
— RSB Metro Detroit

By combining Creative Intention with Purposeful Action you can not only help people with Parkinson's, but genuinely transform and impact the lives of everyone involved while no longer compromising yours.

Whether you are a brand new affiliation or years into your program, understanding and implementing foundational practices and processes will not only be key to your long term success, but to the success of your fighters.

I work with affiliates that are looking to take their programs, businesses, and more importantly their client experiences, to the next level.

Schedule a complimentary coaching call today to share your story and begin working towards a higher performing program.

Purpose and Vision

Having a clear, outcome-based vision is critical to the success of your program.

How you model and communicate the values and expectations, hold accountabilities, and track impact is crucial to sustaining a powerful, result-driven affiliation.

Programming and Performance

Creating a fun, transformational, and empowering program can be a challenge.

Getting creative and resourceful with your space, budget, and your support systems will directly impact your fighter's experience.

Community and Culture

At the center of every successful program lies an identity, an attitude, a set of behaviours and habits that drive its progress and create genuine transformation for all those involved.

Surrounding yourself and your fighters with a family that is strong, supportive, resourceful, informed, creative, positive, entertaining, and most of all, fun...will often prove to have a greater impact than the workouts themselves.

Growth and Expansion

Systems and processes that are scalable, sustainable, and teachable will be key to running and growing a healthy, organized, and profitable program.

Building a successful affiliation will take patience and resilience, and you can skip a lot of the headache and frustration by automating systems, simplifying your strategies, and not doing it all on your own. It does not have to be as difficult as it feels.

Some Kind Words...

I was at a point after a year of being open where I was losing money every month and wanted to quit. I actually called John to help me transition out, even though I loved the program. I just was not getting/finding the boxers. So I am quite surprised at the result. His program was not what I expected. It was so much more than a business coaching experience. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life actually. My whole life is better since we started talking...
— Barbara, RSB Hillsborough
There is a lot of learning jammed into the 2-day training camp and one area I think needs to be embellished is the real-life business aspect.
The key challenges and how they will impact the business and personal aspects are the big mystery. I was looking for ideas on how to grow the business and John provided insight that resonated very early into the journey...
— Ginny, RSB South Brunswick
I was so apprehensive to commit to a start date. John was instrumental in helping me commit, as well as, overcome some of the anxiety I was experiencing in getting started...
— Michelle, RSB Mid Island


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