BRAND NEW Hot Tip Video!

This week's HTT video discusses...THREE Ways to IMMEDIATELY Improve your IMPACT as a Coach!

Tune in and take notes on how to increase your impact and interactions with your fighters in order to bring that MAGIC to the fight.




In this PART III of The Challenges AFFILIATE OWNERS Face, we discuss the struggle of MANAGING versus LEADING. What does it mean to LEAD a program, as opposed to just managing the day to day, and what we can do about it.



In this PART II of The Challenges AFFILIATE OWNERS Face, we discuss the struggle of STAYING ORGANIZED. What ORGANIZED looks like, where we go wrong, and what we can do about it.



In this week's video we begin the FIRST of three discussions surrounding common challenges AFFILIATE OWNERS face. Join me in this short training to gain insight and tips to creating HEALTHIER Partnerships.


The Teaching Template!

This week we dive deeper into Manifesting a Desired Result as we look at ways to increase the learning experience. We also break down a Teaching Template that can be used to teach anything.


THREE Challenges COACHES Face!

This week we discuss THREE common CHALLENGES to being a COACH and the SOLUTIONS to get you headed in the right direction.


Setting Appointments!

In this week's video we review the importance of understanding The Sales Journey and HOW it informs our Sales Process. In addition we look at a very critical step of the sales process, SETTING APPOINTMENTS and 3 ways to ensure your clients SHOW UP!


The Sales Journey!

In this week’s video we breakdown the journeys of both the Customer AND the Salesperson.

Understanding HOW people buy is CRITICAL to your success and may be why you are not seeing the results you desire. Join me in this training to better understand what is required of you and your staff to create a fully realized, result driven sales process.


New Year, BETTER You! (PART II)

In this PART II video we discuss THREE ways to improve your Morning Routine!


New Year, BETTER You! (PART I)

In this FIRST of the Year Hot Tip, I introduce to you the Whole Life Assessment (Brought to you by Brendon Burchard) and strategy to start making progress in areas that are of great importance to your happiness and success.


FIVE Ways To Bring MORE Magic!

In this week's special HOLIDAY edition, I bring you 5 ways to bring more MAGIC to your program. Here's to a healthy and happy New Year!


Onboarding a New Member!

In this week's Hot Tip we discuss an alternative approach to the INITIAL steps of bringing on a potential fighter. Breaking down the Sales Process in to two-parts and slowing down your initial contact in order to set you and your fighter up for greater success.


Get the DOCS Involved EARLY!

This week we discuss the importance of BUILDING a relationship with the doctors in order to reach potential fighters earlier on in the process and to increase the overall quality of the referral to YOU, the coach.


Attracting and Retaining Volunteers

This week we overcome the challenge of ATTRACTING and RETAINING volunteers for our program. We discuss key strategies to bring more intention to finding and keeping higher quality support for years to come!


FIVE ways to BETTER utilize your VOLUNTEERS!

In this BONUS video we discuss five ways to involve your volunteers more in your program to provide a higher level quality experience for you and your fighters.


Overcoming SPACE Constraints!

This week we discuss the challenge of SPACE. Limited space, shared space, working towards your dream space. I share two BIG IDEAS to challenge perception and offer strategy to make the most out of your current space while working towards that DREAM SPACE!


Creating a SHARED Vision!

This week we discuss the challenge of creating and sustaining a Shared Vision and what happens when everyone is NOT on board with you. Our HT is geared towards including them in your process so that you are all working towards the same goal.


How to GET BACK more TIME!

This week's challenge surrounds TIME. Too often we find ourselves using the "lack thereof" as an excuse for why we're not getting the results we desire. I discuss two concepts to improve your relationship with TIME, as well as, this week's Hot Tip. Enjoy and Bring the Magic!



Hot Tip Tuesday’s intent is to provide a new STRATEGY each week covering a range of topics. The often overlooked “HOW” will be implemented along with deeper discussion around common challenges and opportunities for growth.