If you WANT more for yourself , begin by DOING more for yourself.

Success is often the result of small, seemingly trivial moments, strung together with intention and purpose over a long period of time. And it’s in those critical initial moments where we begin to dream up what it is we want the most. It’s in this phase where we don’t need to rely on knowing HOW it will all work out, we just need to begin to clearly define WHAT it is we want and more importantly, WHY.

Taking these first moments to imagine and ASK for the life we want can be so powerful that universal energies will begin to shift and align without us even knowing. Opportunities will begin to appear out of thin air, people will come out of nowhere to offer their help, the HOW will slowly unveil itself right before our eyes. Unfortunately most of us don’t ever get to experience this magical shift, or the fruits of our imaginative labor, because we give up too soon. We quit when things get tough, we settle for easy, we look for signs in all the wrong places, we compare ourselves to all the wrong people, and we compromise for what’s quick and what’s can be gained now versus in the long run.

But that doesn’t have to be YOU.

Struggle is a partner to progress. They will always be close together along the way. Challenges will arise, responsibilities and obligations will persist, negativity, pessimism, and the constant noise of critics will attempt haunt us, distract us, and derail us from our dreams and our sanity, ultimately preventing us from achieving that deep down burning desire to be happy and fulfilled.

But we are stronger than that. We are worth more than settling on our current circumstance and lack luster results.

If we want more for yourselves - if we want a more realized, clear, energized, and purposeful life - we need to begin DOING more for ourselves.

So where do we begin?

We begin by visualizing. We decide what it is we want our life to look like, what we want our relationships to feel like, what we want our work and service to others to be like.

We create the clearest vision possible of what it is we WANT.

We ask ourselves…

  1. When was I happiest?

  2. What was it about that moment that made it so special?

  3. How can I create that feeling again for myself and for those around me?

THEN we go do!

The athlete doesn’t just sit around dreaming all day about winning, they practice and then they compete!

What does your practice look like?

How are you keeping track?

How do you know you are improving?

When are you putting it to the test?

If you lose, what are you going to do differently next time?

Dream it up, make a plan, follow that plan, allow the plan to evolve, invite others into your plan, build healthy habits to support your plan, keep your plan in front of you, keep dreaming bigger than your plan, and most importantly, plan on CRUSHING YOUR PLAN!

I wish you all the best in your journey. I wish you more clarity along the way. I wish you a more Purposeful, more Courageous, and more Present life.

Your biggest fan,