There is Always a BETTER Way!


I am not judging right or wrong here, I am simply stating that there is a BETTER WAY.

Better as in...

I’ve seen good movies and I’ve seen BETTER movies.

I’ve had crappy sleep and I’ve had BETTER sleep.

That workout was just fine, but I know I can do BETTER.

My work, my relationships, my passion, my happiness, my sanity, my success is all very much “eh”, is there BETTER?

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A better way of working, communicating, loving, caring, teaching, coaching, a better way of doing anything and everything.

My challenge to you going in to this New Year is to begin to pay attention to the areas in your life, that when you lay your head down on your pillow at night, you feel so very clearly you want to be BETTER. And rather than just FEEL that desire, or FEAR that desire, wake up and FIGHT for that desire!

Maybe you are like me where at times you would rather suffer in silence than open yourself up to help.

Where you bury feelings or do your best to put on a mask around others even though at times you are unsatisfied and unhappy. Now this doesn’t always mean life is so dark and distraught for you, that there isn’t anything good happening. It can be a feeling of discomfort or unease at times. A feeling of stagnation or paralysis. A yearning for more.

Have you been in a situation where you felt uncomfortable but stuck around, ignored something unhealthy, fought through hurt and pain?

I know I have.

And I have worked diligently over the years to experience this less and less. do we achieve BETTER?

A great place to start is right here: LIVE Purposefully. ACT Courageously. BE Present.

Living a life of intention and PURPOSE will automatically fuel your drive to be BETTER. It will force you to look for ways to increase your discipline, energy, and focus, and in turn your results, as you work towards BIGGER and BETTER goals.

Bringing massive amounts of COURAGE will afford you more opportunities to fail and succeed. Where there is no struggle, there is no progress. Embrace it and keep moving forward. We must take leaps and calculated risks to put ourselves in a position to LEARN and GROW in order to achieve BETTER-y-ness. Maybe your first risk is ASKING FOR HELP!

And finally, simply allowing yourself to be more PRESENT will instantly set you on a path to a more connected, caring, and complete life. It is in the relationships and moments of intimacy with others where we find the meaning of life. So ask yourself, what can I do today to be more PRESENT?

I challenge you to pick ONE intention of how you want to show up today.

ONE risk you will take to allow yourself to do so.

And finally ONE moment to LOOK UP and see what’s around you. You’ll be amazed at what is lying right in front of you and how close BETTER really is.

Remember, it does not have to BE as difficult as it FEELS. There is ALWAYS a better way!

Your biggest fan,