"I have spent most of my life searching for meaning. My purpose. My mission in life. My contribution to the world. To others and to myself.

This search has lead me to many friendships, relationships, careers, hobbies, adventures, and accomplishments, as well as, many struggles. It has motivated me to constantly explore new things, new areas of interest, take bigger risks, surrender the things that didn't align, and leap into the next question mark of my life.

I am restless by nature. Energized by the idea of something new. Always pursuing the next exciting, life-changing moment in hopes of finding meaning, identity, value, my worth.

Along this journey I have met incredible people and I have learned amazing lessons, mostly through difficulty and hurt. I have loved. I have lost. I have explored numerous paths of education, art, and sport - diversifying my "life-portfolio" in hopes that one area would eventually stand out. That one thing would speak to me and it would become clear what I was meant to do.

That ONE thing never came.

Most days I felt unsettled. Most days terrified. Deep down I knew there was something greater out there. Something I was meant to be or do. But how and where that was, I did not know. I worked hard to provide and to survive. I have always been hard on myself, needing to prove to the world that I was smart, educated, and talented in some way, like everyone else.

As years went on and responsibilities grew, pressure mounted. Surrounded by success and wanting to fit in, I made a promise to myself to end this pattern. To stop searching and begin doing.

I did something I had not done this entire time, I asked for help. I had been relying on my own ability to figure things out and in turn was avoiding the very thing that would help the most. So I decided to share my story with others. I fought through feeling embarrassed and instead I put my trust in them. I quickly found out that I wasn't alone. I wasn't the only one still searching. In fact, there were MANY like me AND there were resources, books, trainings, coaching, and PEOPLE to help work through these limiting beliefs and barriers.

My life opened up before my eyes. My search now had a compass. A guide.

What I came to realize over time was that meaning and purpose didn't come from a degree, or relationship status, or some crazy act of rebellion. It didn't come from travel or popularity. It didn't come from social media or my phone.

Purpose came from a process of reflection, meditation, and intentional thought and analysis of a lifetime of events.

The good news for me was that I had a lifetime of events to reflect on! Now all I needed to do was take the time to review. So I did. And from that I share with you my life’s purpose.

The purpose of my life is to live each day courageously, passionately, and creatively. To relish in the adventures of the unknown. To show gratitude and to stay grounded. To always get back up. To never stop fighting for what my heart knows and to never stop chasing what it has yet to learn. My heart is my compass and I will use it unconditionally, I will wear it proudly, and I will love fearlessly and ferociously so that I may be a source of strength, knowledge, and comfort to those around me. That is the purpose of my life.

Now I have a core value system as my guide. Principles on which to make tough decisions. Accountability to how I want to live for myself and for others. How and where I can contribute is clear. What it will take is becoming clearer each day. Clarity is key. It is often the missing link for many.

Looking back, those years spent supposedly lost were the exact experiences I needed in order to develop the skills to do my life's work. To genuinely help others transform their lives, their businesses, their relationships, their purpose. To help others find their clarity.

I have developed this practice because I want to serve others.

I spend my days now working on myself so that I can model and match the behaviors, thought processes, and actions that I feel will help you find your meaning and purpose. Help you achieve your dreams.

Not all days are fun, not all days come easy. I continue to learn and take risks. I continue to fall but always get back up. I continue to figure things out but with a new breadth of confidence and trust in myself to do so. I continue to fight.

My purpose continues to guide me to help others find their way, to learn new skills required to achieve their dreams, to find balance and joy in life, ultimately so that they may continue to serve others.

I am here to help you find your compass to a life of purpose, courage, patience, and presence.

I am here to serve."

John Thomas Miller